Sonia Brody, HR Manager, Siemens Ltd

"We engaged with IHI because we were finding this market harder and harder to navigate given the changes in the industry. With the changing faces of insurers and the introduction of new ones we wanted a consistent trusted level of support that could help us and our employees independently assess these changes (whether better or worse) and ensure that we are always on the right track. Their market knowledge saw Siemens Health Insurance premiums fall by just over 25% in 2013."

Patrick Keogh, HR Director, Element 6

"By the end of the process we had a comprehensive report which compared and contrasted offers from all insurers. The positives and the negatives were shown equally. Changes in the market that were material to us were identified so that we could take the necessary evasive action to retain our benefits. The report outlined how to achieve both our short term and long term goals for the company in its provision of Health Insurance." "Various levels of savings were identified with the different insurers of between €162,000 and €240,000. By the end of the process we felt that any decision we made would be one that was fully informed and could be backed up from a HR and Finance point of view by a comprehensive independent document."

Evan Cullen, President, IALPA

"IHI have been the chosen advisor for IALPA and its 1,600 plus members for a number of years now and we find them a vital resource in ensuring that premiums and cover is always the best the market has to offer. The most important thing we learned from engaging IHI was how much more we were paying than we actually needed. IHI also act as advisor on the Aer Lingus Scheme. I cannot recommend Patrick and his team highly enough."

Michael O'Toole, Financial Controller, Eddie Stobart Ireland

"Dealing with spiraling costs in the health insurance market was getting beyond our brief in terms of market knowledge and we found ourselves at the mercy of the insurers and what best deal they presented. Patrick gave us a fresh view on how the various levels of cover compare between insurers and in each insurer's case was able to identify substantial savings over and above what each insurer offered directly."

IHI Testimonials For Health Insurance