Could your employees be open to a loading on their Health Insurance premium?

Corporates need to watch out for a loophole in the Lifetime Community Rating legislation that could see their employees caught for heavy and irreversible loadings on their Health Insurance premiums. Under the recent Lifetime Community Rating legislation which came into effect from 1st May 2015, those who wait until aged 35 or over to take out Private Health Insurance will suffer a loading on the premium of any chosen plan based on their age. read more…

Aviva confirm the sale of its Health Insurance business to Irish Life

Further to much speculation in the market since last November, Aviva Health has been sold to the Irish Life Group who itself is owned by Great-West Lifeco, a Canadian insurer.  Irish life who already held a 49% shareholding in GloHealth, the country’s fourth largest insurer, has also bought out the minority shareholding of GloHealth with the intention of merging the two businesses. read more…

Sunday Business Post Article on Aviva Health Sale Spectulation – Emma Kennedy

Patrick Brennan of Irish Health Insurance quoted below;

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So is Aviva Health Really for sale?

It has been widely publicised that Aviva Health is up for sale, having first hit the headlines in November 2015.  But what does this mean?  Speculation is rife that the sale and purchase is almost a fait accompli at this stage.  So for those interested and before any full and final announcements are made, this article hopefully summarises the whys, when’s and who’s of the whole process.

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Top Ten Tips for reviewing and renewing your health insurance

1. Always seek independent advice.  Insurers are product producers and sellers.  So regardless of how good, bad, appropriate or cheap a plan is, the insurer’s first course of action will be to sell it to you before they would direct you to another insurer.  Independent experts analyse the entire market to ensure the cover you need is most appropriately identified most appropriate to your needs. read more…

Market Refresher for 2015 and early expectations for 2016

2015 was a year when the Government undertook not to interfere with the levers of which they have control, which may have led to inflationary pressures on the cost of Private Health Insurance.

These levers are:

  • Public Hospital bed charges
  • Health Insurance Levies
  • Tax Relief

By not increasing these levers, we have been allowed 12 months to see if indeed the claim made my insurers that Government were the cause of double digit price increases. So what are the results? read more…

Dental Insurance striking a cord with Irish based companies

The take up of Dental Insurance is growing rapidly as a paid benefit amongst a growing number of businesses in Ireland.  Data suggests that approximately 67% of dental insurance policies in Ireland are Company Funded.  Financial Servives and Tech Companies seem to account for almost 60% of this trend. read more…

Is Universal Health Insurance a dead duck?

Last week while at the MacGill Summer School in Donegal, Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar hinted that the Government may have bitten off more than it could chew with the proposed roll out of Universal Health Insurance (UHI) by 2019, or even beyond. read more…

Beware the dash for deficient health cover

THOSE over 34 risk being priced out of the market for good unless they buy private health insurance this week.

Up to now, everybody paid the same premium for the same policy — irrespective of age. Under new rules on lifetime community rating (LCR), those over 34 who delay until after April 30 to buy health insurance for the first time will pay an age loading. It will add 2% to the cost of cover for every year a person is over over 34.

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Deadline approaches for Lifetime Community Rating

With just 8 days left before the introduction of Lifetime Community Rating (LCR), IHI can report that finally things are hotting up on the phonelines. read more…

Lifetime Community Rating and The Unintended Consequences for Companies

Introduction to Lifetime Community Rating (LCR)

As you may be aware the introduction of Lifetime Community Rating (LCR) is due to come into effect as and from the 1st May 2015.   In the past I have described LCR as the missing piece of the jigsaw in a Community Rated system.   read more…

Aviva Health Announce Ground Breaking Medical Technology Innovation on Select Health Plans – Babylon

Today Aviva Health announced and demonstrated their latest offering.  A complimentary G.P access benefit integrated into their suite of Aviva Select plans.

Babylon which is currently being used in Aviva UK is a smart phone app which offers customers exclusive access to 3 face to face video consultations with a G.P where a diagnosis can be made and prescriptions issued directly to the pharmacy for collection. read more…

VHI issues notice of Premium Freeze and Premium Reductions

In my last blog I surmised that much the of Health insurance premium increases in the past few years were largely down to Government intervention and Government policy which forced insurers pass on the higher prices that such policies inevitably led to. If this statement was ever to be tested or proven it would have taken a change in government policy to put it up to the insurers to see if policy change in the opposite direction would reflect in consumer premiums. read more…

The year in review – 2014 and the changes in the healthcare system and PMI market

As we approach the end of the first month of 2015 (and as the madness of the biggest renewal month in the calendar subsides) now seems like a good time to review the events of 2014 in the world of health insurance and the wider Healthcare System.  While many of the past years have been described as tumultuous regarding the Private Medical Insurance Market and the health system in general, this year was certainly that and much more.  While other years appeared heap bad news on top of more bad news, this year, thankfully had almost an equal measure of both. read more…

AIG invests further in Ireland with acquisition of laya healthcare

  • Laya healthcare management team to lead further growth in Ireland
  • Deal expands AIG Health global footprint and accelerates plans for EMEA growth
  • Good news for almost half a million members of laya healthcare and health insurance market in Ireland read more…

Budget 2015 Summary

Budget 2015 – Main Points:

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VHI price cuts for children and students come with a catch…or so someone in the Irish Times thinks!

Below is a link to an article which I found on the Irish Times website this evening and one which I felt could not go unchallenged from an industry professional whilst also from an independent standpoint.  read more…

See the final version of the Government’s white paper on Universal Health Insurance here.



Has the cost of Health Insurance really gone up that much?

Below is an Annual Subscription from the 22nd of September 1987 from VHI to a customer for Plan B for 2 adults and 2 children. The annual premium for the plan on that date was IRL£395.04. This would traslate to €501.60. read more…

Health Insurer’s Profit & Loss accounts on Health Insurance Business for 2012

VHI: Loss of €7.2 Million

Laya Healthcare: Profit of €5 Million

Aviva Health: Profit of €7.2 Million

GloHealth: Loss of 3.65 Million