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2015 Patrick Brennan Talks On Spirit Radio - GOOD NEWS!

2015 Patrick On Spirit Radio - SIT TIGHT!

Beware the dash for deficient health cover

Patrick Brennan chats to the Sunday Times about the Lifetime Community Rating...

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New Interview with Patrick Brennan on 96FM

Interview with Patrick Brennan on 96FM Feb 2014:

Morgan McKinley - Espresso Business Briefing

Patrick Brennan Talks About Navigating The Private Health Insurance Market In Ireland

Interview with Patrick Brennan on Newstalk 14th Feb 2012:

Important interview Patrick Brennan gave to Newstalk on 07th December 2011 outlining the potential Health Insurance Premium Rises.

Listen to the interview on Newstalk where Patrick Brennan outlines what is happening with the Irish Health Insurance market at the moment:

Patrick Discusses the recent price rises by the VHI:

newstalk interview with patrick brennan

morgan mckinley breakfast briefing

cork 96fm interview with patrick brennan

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